Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tuesday - La Tasca Event/ Review - a solid 7.5/10

We have a thank you to make - thanks to @comedinewitrach, we were invited to a night at La Tasca on Greek Street, Leeds, for the launch of their new menu/rebranding.

La Tasca has been around for donkeys - about 14 years - and has been serving pretty much the same food for the whole time.  At first, it was quite new - a restaurant serving small dishes to share, but my view has been for a while that while other restaurants have appeared and upped their game, La Tasca haven't changed.

Step in a new CEO, and La Tasca is commencing a roll out of new fit outs and menus, with Leeds being the second to experience the change.

The restaurant definitely looks better.  They have expanded the bar area to embrace the "drink with a tapa, at the bar" aspect, and lightened up the fittings.

We missed the sangria masterclass at the start of the night (rushing from work as usual!) but Joe was able to sample some, which came back with good reviews - a definite improvement on before.  We were then given a demonstration of carving Iberico ham, which was very impressive, and the ham tasted lovely.  They even let Joe loose on the carving which was very brave! The Iberico is now on the menu as a small or large plate.

The Iberico ham
Sergio the Spanish ham carver
After the demos, we headed down to the revamped lower floor (which also has its own bar) to try some of the food.  We were given a big variety, including olives, calamari, octopus, Marbella chicken (?!), chorizo, patatas bravas, meatballs, apple salad, mushrooms, gambas, slow roast pork....and on and on.....!

The food was all nice, and much better than La Tasca used to be - there is lots more on the menu that I want to try.  I would recommend the slow roast pork, gambas, chorizo, and more, which means it is a thumbs up from me.

They are also doing deals during the week, which are on the website, so check it out here.
Sangria jug
Chicken Marbella
Chicken wings
Slow roasted pork
Patatas bravas
White fish in batter
Some sort of salad - sorry I lost track at this stage!

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