Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Night and I am Home Alone! (Joe)

I can't pin-point exactly when it happened, but after work I found myself saying no to a end of the week beer or two with the guys in work even though Jo is out at a work ball thing. Instead I ran home, listened to talk sport whist tidying the flat, and I am currently drinking red wine after eating a chicken hot pot of sorts - how lame am I!!! Haha....but to be honest, the idea of not waking up tomorrow with a really sore head is brilliant and I am looking forward to enjoying the weekend.....we are getting out of our comfort zone for dinner tomorrow and heading to Darvish, which is a Persian restaurant just down the road in Harehills - see review tomorrow.

Anyway, here is dinner; chicken stew from last week with a potato lid that was very tasty and I was quite pleased with really!

Ps. Don't tell Jo that I have cracked into the Christmas wine!!!...........

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