Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thursday Night - Thai Erawan

Tonight we made an impromptu, Groupon fuelled trip to Thai Erawan.  Joe and I have been to Thai Erawan quite a lot, and usually it's a very satisfying night.  Tonight was no different - it was a little quiet but the food was great, and to be honest, that was all I cared about today!

The Groupon deal was actually 2 mains, 2 rices and 2 glasses of wine for around £12.00.  We bumped it up with a dumpling starter and some thai crackers, and a couple of beers.

Our pork and prawn dumplings were great, as always.  We've been avoiding dumplings for a while because they became such a mainstay in our thai ordering - but tonight nothing else would do.  Meaty, with a salty sauce and cabbage shreds, they were really yummy.  With crunchy thai crackers and a sweet chili sauce - what else could you want?

I love spicy food and it is my groundhog day moan about how no restaurants cook it the way I like.  This time round, we picked very well.  We went for a stir fried pork with chilli and black pepper dish and chicken breast with sizzling sauce.  Both were really good, and the black pepper has a very satisfying kick! The chicken came with a really special chili sauce with lots of fish sauce and tangy spice.

Overall, we had a great meal and would really like more people to give Thai Erawan a go.  I know some people have grumbled about the service, but I have never experienced any problems and I think people should really give it a chance.

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