Monday, 14 November 2011

Sunday Review - The Crescent Inn & Bistro Pierre - Ilkley

A few months ago we became twitter buddies with the Crescent Inn in Ilkley, which has recently been through a significant makeover resulting in a b&b, pub and a Bistro Pierre from the small restaurant chain. Jo and I were offered a great deal to stay in the b&b with dinner and breakfast so we decided to take them up on the offer in return for this review on our blog. Unfortunately due to work commitments she was unable to make it so my future best man - Hunter Pig - stepped into her shoes.

So, we set out on our adventure on Sunday morning, heading to Bolton Abbey (see below) for a long stroll before heading back to the Crescent Inn for the Sunday papers, drinks and eats.

On arrival at the b&b, we were booked in and given our room key...these first impressions were ok, but I would have liked a bit of a warmer greeting. Our room was a twin which we both agreed had been fitted out to a really good standard. This reflected all aspects of the b&b, pub and restaurant - it was obvious that some real care and attention had gone into everything and we were very impressed. Hunter Pig, who is in the graphic design industry, even noted how high spec the menus/ offer leaflets were on the restaurant table!! really big thumbs up from both of us for the b&b....onto Bistro Pierre....

Overall our experience was fair to good - the booking was made on twitter and the deal put together for us. This lead to some significant confusion with pretty much all the staff which made us feel a little uncomfortable, and the service throughout the evening was a little humourless.  I like to chat with people in restaurants and I found them a bit unengaging. The booking issue was resolved and Bistro Pierre were generous hosts. Below is a selection of what we had.
Chorizo in honey
Salade de Crabe
Slow cooked lamb (the best dish - delicious!)
Pan Fried Pork in a mustard sauce & black pudding
A selection of desserts to share
The very good wine (Hunter Pig also had a cognac)
After a double espresso each, we headed to our room and after watching TV on the lovely white samsung flat screen we went to bed. Breakfast was a pleasant experience with a great range of choice on the menu, from muesli and pancakes through to a full english - which is what we both plumped for and it really was very good!

It was good to have a quick chat with Mark, the General Manager, before we left who was very enthusiastic about the venture and keen to know how our stay was, which was nice.

So to the overall verdict. The Crescent Inn is brilliant and we would definitely return on  a b&b basis as you can't help but be impressed with the quality of the place (including the pub). Incidents aside, I would have to say Bistro Pierre was good. The restaurant business is competive in Ilkley and I would consider the alternatives if back in the area.

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