Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday - Jo is back in the kitchen....thank god!

If you are confused about the title, check out my effort from last night here!....yuck!

Anyway, luckily for us Jo was back in the kitchen where she knocked up a quick pepper stuffed with chorizo, prawns and rice, and a soup for lunches this the same time!! - see dinner below;

Ps. over the past day or so Jo and I have been having a crisis of confidence in the blog - do we have enough content in our blog or are people getting bored of pictures of our dinner???......answers on a postcard.

The wine - we are way down on what we bought recently!


littlepatts said...

Definitely not getting fed up of looking at pictures of your tea, gives me inspiration for my own weeks meals!

Rachel Baxter said...

You've enabled comments again! You both know that I look forward to your daily offerings, particularly those on toast. Keep up the good work!