Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Night Oxtail - and a bit of a disaster

Joe decided a while ago that he wanted to try cooking oxtail.  After some searching, he finally found some at the Oakwood Farmers Market yesterday, and today set about making an oxtail stew.

After casseroling for a few hours at a low temperature with vegetables and stock, everything was going well.  Unfortunately, that coincided with the time that the accompanying potato gratin was also to go into the oven, at a much higher temperature.  In a slight cooking error, the oxtail stew also stayed in the oven and became a little...ehm...caramelised?!  Bless, after all his hard work it was a real shame.  We did give it a try, and the potato gratin was excellent, but the stew was a little overdone...oops!  Oh well, we'll do it better next time!

Searing the oxtail
The stew looking good - and check out the huge mushrooms.  Another treat from the Oakwood Farmers Market.
The stew post temperature surge....bien cuit!
Potato gratin - yum
Joe's plate - which definitely tasted better than it looked

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