Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Monday - Pheasant Plucking and Gutting - BEWARE!!

When James Work mentioned that his girlfriends dad was a feathered game hunter last week, I was quick to say bring me a brace!!....little did I know he would actually deliver them to the office on Monday morning.....

Now, Jo has previously boasted of her rabbit skinning skills from her younger days, and I have witnessed her taking apart a pigeon, but these beasts where a whole different ball game. NB. I have never gutted a thing in my life!

Yesterday it was a normal late one, with us not getting through the front door until gone 8pm.....so after a really top drawer chicken stirfry we got cracking!....see below;

Chicken Stir fry

Back to the birds. I'm not going to write an essay about the process but here is a quick run down. Rather than being sensible on the location, we took a bird each and did the in the lounge rather than the kitchen, splitting our viewing between this video and Desperate Scousewives (which was horrific!). There were ALOT of feathers - way more than I thought there would be, although I have no point of reference about this. The cutting a hole in the bum bit and pulling the guts out wasn't particularly pleasant but not as bad as I thought it would be - I could do it again!! Looking at the finished articles below, they don't look particularly well but I am sure they will be ok - there will be roasting over the weekend........the process took around 1.30 hours all in including hoovering the flat of feathers.
The brace
My one is the boy near my feet!
De-feathering action
Progress being made
Off with your head!
The head
Cutting the bum
The guts from the boy bird - Yuck!
The finished articles - not quite how they look in Tescos!

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