Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday - A good day! (Jo Girl)

So today has been a good day for many reasons, most of which are boring, but also because David Work and I got through to the final of the Michelsberg Debating Competition!  It is a competition put on by Michelsberg bespoke tailors for young solicitors - three heats and a final on Monday.  Although I was slightly thrown in the deep end (having only been asked to do it today due to unforeseen circumstances) it was a lot of fun.  This house does believe that the Olympics are a waste of money (or so we convincingly argued!)

Anyway, I must have foreseen that there would be a hiccup in the day's plans, because before I left for work I put a chicken in the slow cooker along with some veg.  It slowly bubbled away all day and, following Joe's epic journey from Manchester (stuck in the car for over 2 hours!) we returned home for poached chicken, vegetables and chipped potatoes.  It was a lovely, simple, delicious supper - just what I needed - and thoroughly recommended!

Chicken (poached upside down to make sure the breasts didn't dry out)
Chipped potatoes
The finished product - warming, autumnal and tasty

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