Friday, 2 December 2011

Thursday - I Love Pool

For as long as my memory goes back, playing pool has always been there. When I was a young kid, the family home had a pool table which was a proper pub table with a coin slot and I absolutely loved it. Some of my fondest memories are playing pool with the family who all could play a bit;

Me - on my day could beat anyone but could also be beaten!
Dave Bro - as above - my nemisis!
Dad - Don't know why I could never beat him no matter how much I practiced after school!
Uncle John - the best of the bunch in pool and snooker. Two of my favorite phrases - The 'Ethiopian cut' and 'too much black in the eye' came from him....legend!
Nick Bro - also a very good player but beatable!
Grandad - the elder statesman of the Rees family pool table could certainly hold his own and he took me to the cleaners a good few times!

Other people like Uncle Raol, Georges, Mike and loads of others got involved at Christmas and special occasions but they were no match for the above!

In more recent times, some of the people I play have changed. Dave Bro is still my No1 challenger; more recently we have played snooker and are currently competing for the 'Rees Brothers Challenge Trophy' - I can't wait to claim it as my own!.....The Wolf has been an on - off adversary who puts up a good fight, Soraya has beaten me and Jo has a good crack too! Last night at the Elbow Room I had a rematch against Cliffy after I had beaten him 8-9 when he was a 8 - 2 up over was a real gutter for him and he challenged me to a rematch - see text below....

I am a bad loser and a terrible winner! I won again - hahahahahaha.....unlucky Cliffy!!!

When Jo and I get a decent sized place, one of the first things I am going to get is a pool table (luckily Jo is in agreement!).....its a brilliant thing to have when entertaining and its a family tradition that I am keen to keep up if I can......If you want to challenge me to a game then get in touch!!!!

The trophy is yet to be claimed
 PS - my dinner last night came from a free buffet at the Elbow Room which was for a private party; I wasn't invited but was hungry!....

Some random free stuff!

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