Saturday, 24 December 2011

Friday - Home for Christmas!!

Yesterday didn’t start as well as we hoped! There was a large spillage incident in the car that involved beetroot cured salmon juices and tiramisu! Luckily both have now been successfully saved and we made it to Liverpool One in one piece, even with the car being battered by rain all the way.

We decided on lunch at Lunya which is an independent Spanish restaurant and deli that we had heard really good things about. We ate with The Demon Headmaster (aka Dog Eyes in previous posts) and Lunya did not let us down. The restaurant had a great atmosphere, the service was top notch and the food good value and high quality. Next time we are home we have agreed that it we be our dinner out destination – all in a big highly recommended from all 3 of us. 

 After eating at Lunya and a little more shopping we headed back to Mum’s flat in Hoylake where the Christmas festivities really begin! After seasons greetings she wanted us all to open an early present each which we did. They were home made Christmas tank tops for Dave Bro and I, and a scarf for Jo! – Thanks Mum. I did wear mine out to the pub but Dave Bro could quite pull his off as I could so he left his behind – bah humbug! 

Before we headed out Georges, Sally, Pierre and Alexis joined us for dinner, after arriving from Paris the previous day….having them all around is one of the highlights of the Christmas period (there are a few others that will be documented as the blog is updated over the next few days). After Georges had constructed our traditional festive Sangria to drink today, we tucked into a glazed ham, ribs and other nibbles that Mum had put together – and very nice it all was too. I also had the same when we returned from the pub! – fatty Joe! 

At the Plasterers we joined old and new friends and we all had a great time which Jo is currently attempting to sleep off! Tomorrow as we are spending our traditional Christmas Day at Broad Eves with a total of 25 people!!! – I can’t wait!

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