Sunday, 18 December 2011

Friday Night end of a long week

Thank god it was's been a long week, with me trekking to Newcastle and back every day for a trial, and Joe trying to get as much done as possible before his Christmas break.  Come Friday, all I wanted to do was flop in at home, have some nice wine and food and sleep!  It's a truly exciting life we lead.

So on a very rare occassion, I was just not in the mood for cooking.  Joe bought some rolled pork belly things last week which were defrosted and slung in the oven - tres hard work!  Accompanied by chips and some peppered cabbage, it was hardly a thrilling Friday night dinner, but it was ok (not a huge fan of the rolled pork - much prefer doing my own!).  Joe did at least cheer me up with a cheeky shot of homemade limoncello, which is amazing - what a talented boy he is!

Rolled pork - a bit too fatty and the crackling was rubbish.  Poor effort by the Co-op!
Black pepper cabbage
Pork, cabbage and chips.

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