Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tuesday Night Late Night Treats

I had my last day of the year working in Manchester on Tuesday, so its not very surprising that I was a little late back!  Joe and I had arranged to meet Hunter Pig for some pre-Christmas drinks and gift swapping - Joe received some very fancy Saville Row socks and some hilarious books, while Hunter Pig was the first recipient of a special gift, which can't be revealed until after Christmas!

I joined the boys sometime after 8 in the Wrens Hotel, which has been given a rather nice make over.  It's no longer a pub that I think I'm likely to be killed for food in, and is now a cosy little pub with rooms.  Well worth a visit if you're in the New Briggate area.

Anyway, we made it home sometime after 9 and I decided on spicy fried rice with cashews - and not a meat product in sight (much to Joe's surprise about half way through dinner!).  It was very nice, although a little late to be scoffing rice, veg and chilli - woops!

Spicy fried rice - and the picture looks rancid!

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