Saturday, 4 February 2012

Friday - Best Laid Plans...........

I had another day off on Friday (still days to use up before year end!) and put it to spectacularly good use. This weekend our lovely friends, Shereef and Steph were due to visit.  It's amazing how efficient I can be when I want to be, and made grand plans to do home made pizzas, lots of cleaning, running in sub zero temperatures... 

The day got off to a good start - like a good wife (to be) I took Joe to work, went to the post office and the shops, and was home before 9.30 ready to start all my jobs.  Pizza sauce, done. Curry base, done (for a dinner for next weekend - good prep hey?!). Peach and raspberry puree for bellinis, done.  Marinated vegetables, done, and pizza dough done, all before 12pm.  How very virtuous.  I even dragged myself outdoors in the sub-zero temperatures for a run (am I mad?!)

As sometimes happens, unfortunately illness got in the way and Shereef and Steph weren't able to make it.  Poor Shereef - get well soon and we'll reorganise for another weekend shortly.

Ho hum.  Well it meant that Joe and I were very well treated - home made pizza with marinated chargrilled peppers, courgettes, roasted aubergine and chorizo, and raspberry and peach bellinis - fancy for a Friday night!  FYI - my pizza dough recipe is awesome, and totally fool-proof.  It makes 3-4 pizzas, is freezable, and makes thin and crispy based pizzas.  Let me know if you want the recipe.
Sad faces (cheered up by a Bellini)
Home made pizza with chargrilled marinated peppers and courgettes, roasted aubergine, chorizo, basil and some cheeky jalapenos
Oh, and to round off, some nostalgic match makers!  Only 22 calories per stick?  No wonder I ate about 25.

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