Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Monday Stir Fry

So Joe and I have been a little distracted this week...can't blame anyone else and it's not even for an interesting reason, it just means we're a little behind on out blog posts.

No fear though, just because the post isn't up doesn't mean we didn't do food!  Monday was a race against time - home late and wanting to have a relaxing evening after the hectic weekend - I promised Joe dinner within 10 minutes!  And I almost made it - hot prawns with pak choi and stir fried noodles - in 12 minutes!  Grrr!  Next time I'll chop faster and prove its able to do a from-scratch meal in sub 10 minutes.  Challenge on.

Hot prawns with pak choi
Stir fried noodles
Noodles, prawns and prawn crackers.  The race is on.

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