Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Turkey Tuesdays!

So Joe had a rather busy evening on Tuesday with a meeting with Leeds City Council (more on this to come) followed by a run home.  I'll be honest, I have no idea how he can be so dedicated to the marathon training at the moment.  It's utterly Siberian outside, dark, and all I want to do is cosy up with a glass of red wine and a hot water bottle.  I'm 27 going on 67.............

So while he was out being all dedicated, I went home and made a kind of Spanish/Eastern fusion turkey dish with tomatoes, broccoli, onion seeds, cumin, paprika  and cinnamon.  This was done accompanied with couscous spiced with cardamon, cinnamon and cloves.  All good and very tasty, until the point when Joe crunched down on a clove - bless - what a way to ruin a meal!  I did warn him though so I'm taking none of the blame............!

Turkey stew with couscous

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