Saturday, 11 February 2012

Friday - Visitors!!

It's always nice to have people visit, and this weekend it's lovely to have Jo's folks around until Sunday. As ever, Jo is never happier when she is cooking for other people and last night we had a really good prawn curry with rice and a naan bread (ahem). I said naan bread is the most loose sense of the word as it did quite work out as Jo planned after leaving it in the oven for a little too long!! It did make a really well spiced crisp bread!!

Later on today we are eating at the Deer Park which I am sure will be really good, but I'll be staying off the booze and eating a load of carbs as I am running the Liversedge Half Marathon tomorrow morning which I am quite looking forward too - I think I am getting to much into this running lark! 

M&S starter treats
Prawn curry
Crispy naan bread
Diner one - Sheila Mum
Diner 2 - David Dad
Diner 3 - Chef Jo
Diner 4 - Me!!

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