Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday's Faux Italiano Treats

Today Joe Jedi-mind tricked me and somehow I ended up having a pork pie for lunch.  Not just any pork pie (cue Dervla Kirwan voice over...) these were Wilson's Butchers pork pies, aka the best pork pies in the world (as far as we've tasted anyway).  Joe is a little obsessed with pork pies to the extent that he knows the delivery schedule: every Tuesday and Thursday at Brill sandwich shop near the courts in Leeds.

Having scoffed down a fat (and admittedly very, very tasty) pork pie for lunch, I spent the rest of the day in a hot water pastry induced guilt fest.  Ah, the perils of being so food obsessed.  So when I got home all treats were off the menu and lots of vegetables were in: I was going to get my week's worth of vegetables in one day.  This is perhaps a slightly delusional and illogical way of dealing with it, but things worked out fairly well in the end.  Joe got to savour one of @gustoitaliano's pastas, with a rich tomato sauce and tons of roasted Mediterranean vegetables, and I ate, well, tons of vegetables.  And no biscuits.  I might have lost the plot.

Penne pasta
Rich tomato sauce with basil and mozzarella
Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with bacon
And Joe's bowl, which also looks rather healthy!  Perhaps I'm brain washing him too...

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