Saturday, 11 February 2012

Thursday Chilli Treats

My parents are here this weekend for a visit, so on Thursday we had the usual mad panic trying to tidy the flat and remove all evidence of our usual slovenly lives.  I'm sure many people find the same: given only two of us live here, we seem to make some mess!! I don't know what we'll do if/when we have kids...will need to get a live in cleaner or something! 

Anyway, running around cleaning the house means just one thing - left overs!  Lucky for us our left overs are usually pretty good.  This time it was chilli, with salad and pitta bread.  I actually think something like a chilli or a curry benefits from a bit of time letting the flavours come together.  All in, it was a pretty tasty treat.

Chilli with salad and jalapenos

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