Monday, 26 March 2012

Saturday - Mike's Birthday and Soraya's Cooking!

Saturday started with a long run for me and a shorter one for Jo.  I decided in the week that it would be a good idea to drive to the city and run along the canal and back and that's exactly what I did! Ok, so the drinks and curry the night before didn't help to much but I did do the the 17 miles I wanted and I wasn't too broken after! Next long run, I think I'll try and eat a bit better beforehand, although Jo's food is hard to resist.....18 miles on Friday it is.

My run time on the Garmin
After a quick turn around, we were picked up by Wolf and Gelt and headed to Mike Work's birthday drinks in Horsforth - he is 31 but looks way older that me! ;o). Soraya had laid on a great spread including chicken fajitas, potato skins, tuna pasta, garlic bread, pizza and salad - it was a really good effort and we were all very impressed....BRAVO!

The birthday spread
Soraya also managed to find the time to knock together a chocolate birthday cake for Mike, which was super rich but also light as a feather! - those who said it was really dense were just jealous!

Work Mike and his cake
Jo filling her face
After a few more drinks, we all headed into Horsforth to the Queens Arms for drinks, pool and good times....hooray! And happy birthday Mike! I didn't do a very good job of playing photographer, so I pulled some pictures of the attendees off facebook - here they are;

William of Saville
The Ahad clan

Wolf and Gelt    

We had a substantial lunch, but Jo and I were getting hungry as the evening wore on, so our kind cab driver stopped on the way home so we could grab and oven pizza - very good it was too!

Pizza with extra pastrami and basil

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