Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunday Sea Bass

On Sunday Joe and I made a mid year resolution that we're going to get healthy.  We're both fairly active (well, Joe is, and I make a pathetic attempt) and I like to think of myself as healthy, but the curse (and blessing) of the blog is that it is an accurate representation of just how many treats we indulge in!  Especially as Joe is running the marathon in  a couple of months, and W-day dawns in just six months, this is prime time for getting into shape and eating well.

So, bearing that in mind, please ignore the Sunday croissants that graced breakfast in bed...yum.

However, we both hit the gym during the day, and then had a rather healthy sea bass late lunch in the sun shine.  While we were out on Saturday Nick commented that our most gross blog post so far has been the pheasant plucking a few months back.  I'll be honest, the scenes in our kitchen on Sunday afternoon, with me descaling and gutting the bass, we're not that pretty either!  Joe didn't take any pictures though, so don't be too scared of the pictures below!

Lunch was a rather yummy roasted sea bass stuffed with herbs and lemon, served with a Greek salad and new potatoes.  We did feel rather virtuous and I'm sure it's set us up for a good week.  Feel free to tell us off when we fall off the waggon though....

breakfast croissants.  Thank god for the gym!
The prepped seabass.  Pretty neat and tidy I think!
Greek salad
Roasted sea bass, new potatoes and greek salad

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