Sunday, 25 March 2012

Thursday - Chocolate and Wine at Haley & Clifford

This week we toddled up to Haley & Clifford in Roundhay for a wine and chocolate tasting.  Haley & Clifford is probably my favourite deli in Leeds, as it stocks a fantastic range of cheeses, antipasti and cakes as well as lots of treats like pastas, pickles, olive oils etc.  I always want to spend a fortune when I'm in there and it really does have goodies to suit all tastes. 

On Thursday we were there specifically to taste some chocolate and some wine.  It was a lovely evening trying New World whites and roses and some brilliant Spanish reds, as well as some very yummy chocolate (I was a particular fan of the chilli chocolate which had a subtle and surprising kick!).  Joe and I were sufficiently convinced to pick up a nice rose and a New Zealand Sauvingnon Blanc, which will be a nice treat when summer roles around! 

We also managed a sneaky try of the Haley & Clifford pork pies which are fantastic and are going to be our wedding pork pies!  Superb.

Haley & Clifford's awesome pork pies - the best bit?  No jelly!
Our wine purchases
After a few drinks, we headed home for some late night treats - a fried egg sandwich for Joe and a fish finger sandwick for me (keep those stinky eggs away, thanks!).  This week we are definitely on a health kick....been far too naughty recently!
Joe's oeuf sandwich
My fish finger sandwich

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