Sunday, 15 April 2012

Friday Night G-Wu takeaway

On Friday night Joe and I decided to treat ourselves to a cheeky Chinese take away.  I had originally wanted it last weekend (for my first dinner back after THE ILLNESS - which I will never mention again now, thanks) but circumstances prevented that so Friday it was.  Now, I can be a little lazy when choosing places to eat - when I find somewhere I like I have a habit of wanting to revisit that place rather than trying somewhere new - trying to avoid potential disappointments of crap food.  Anyway, Joe is rather different to me and likes an experiment, so persuaded me to find somewhere different from our usual take away haunts.

Step up G-Wu on Harrogate Road near Moortown corner.  It's only been open for a few months and I know a few people who have been and said good things.  I'll be honest, the silly name of the place has put me off so far, and when running past it always looks a little too shiny and white for my tastes.  Appearances can be deceiving though so we picked a couple of dishes and tucked in.

For starter we had the fried pork dumplings which were simply fantastic - tasty filling meaty with pork, light pastry and a lovely sharp soy dipping sauce.  They reminded me of Tibetan momo dumplings as the pastry was soft rather than crisp.  So far so good.

For mains we had prawns in a Szechuan sauce and crispy beef with chilli and garlic, which for me is a nostalgic treat from my childhood.  Both were pretty good - good chunks of beef with a chilli kick and some lovely plump prawns.  It's not something I could eat too often, but for a treat I was quite impressed.  Oh, and they do the best prawn crackers I've had in a while so that's a plus too.  There's nothing on the menu that is going to challenge the senses or push the boat out, but it was a perfectly pleasant Friday night treat.

Pork dumplings
Crispy beef
Szechuan prawns
Joe's plate - Szechuan prawns, chilli beef, crispy noodles and jasmine rice

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