Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday - Veggie haggis with peas and an egg

I promise this isn't as weird as it sounds!  We have a selection of lovely Macsweens goods in the fridge, including haggis, black pudding and vegetarian haggis.  I've never eaten vegetarian haggis, and quite honestly always thought the concept was a little strange, so this seemed like an opportunity to give it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised - it's not as strong as real haggis and is a little reminiscent of a nut roast - but I really liked it!  It was served on a bed of pea and parsley puree and topped with a poached egg and tomatoes.  Sounds like a strange combination but it really worked.

Vegetarian haggis on pea puree with a poached egg and tomatoes
As an absolute shock horror, we have also run out of biscuits.  I'm sure, given our blog name, this should be illegal, but we appear to have had a shopping fail.  No fear though, we had some trusty pop corn kernels so our dinner was salvaged by some tasty home made popcorn!!

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