Sunday, 4 September 2011

Food Treats by Joe - Sunday Night Moroccan Lamb

Throughout our relationship, Joe and I have had a debate over the traditional Sunday lunch.  It's not something I was brought up with, so I'm not a fan of the Sunday roast, but I think I might have been depriving Joe!  To get round this, Joe's cunning plan is to do it himself - cue Joe making Sunday dinner!

That said, Joe's roast wasn't all that traditional.  He made a slow cooked moroccan spiced leg of lamb with rosemary, garlic, tomato, cumin and other spices, accompanied by a chickpea mash, peas, and a tomato jus.  The leg of lamb came from Malcolm Michaels butchers who are in the Kirkgate market, and was very good.  We were a little sceptical about a chickpea mash, but it was really tasty and much lighter than normal mash.  Overall it was a big win, and probably the start of a competition between Joe and I for who can cook the best dinners on a Sunday!
Our lunch - some filthy French pate brought back from Paris
The spiced leg of lamb - after 7 hours in the crock pot
The carved product - melt in your mouth!
Slow cooked lamb, chickpea mash, peas and jus - apologies for the wonky picture!

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