Sunday, 4 September 2011

Saturday - Chapel A Arts Festival, Organic veg box & Fish pie!

It was an early rise for me as I had a bit of work to do before the fun for the day started - we had fish finger sandwiches with a bloody mary at 12pm which is a lunch that everyone should enjoy! With the work and other chores out of the way (me - food shopping, Jo - cleaning) we decided to stroll across to Chapel Allerton from Roundhay for the annual Chapel Allerton Arts Festival which we hadn't been to for a couple of years. It has been running since 1998, and we were impressed by the music, food and fun that it offers.

On arrival, there was a group of white haired gentleman on stage playing New Orleans Jazz, with the Leeds master trombonist Ed O'Donell taking center stage who has been making music since the late ‘40s......we both loved them!!! I want them at our wedding next year but Jo isn't convinced! is a picture; I video that I will upload later that is well worth a watch.

Even though we had only had lunch an hour or so before, I suggested that we would need a snack and the first thing I spotted was a.......pork pie! (I forgot to mention yesterday that I also had a pork pie from Malcolm Michaels in Kirkgate market which is definitely a wedding contender) The festival pork pie came from Crumb and Crust that is a bakery in Chapel Allerton. Overall it was a good 6/10 - not the best but not the worst and at £2.50 was definitely on the expensive side.

A good looking pork pie but not the best
An unsure looking Jo with our pork pie
As we strolled on, we came across Chris Long who was representing Hope Farm who are part of the Riverside Organic Veg delivery scheme. He obviously loves his job, and convinced us to trial the service with our first delivery of a small box coming on Thursday. We had been thinking about doing this for a while so are looking forward to seeing what we receive next week - we will be reviewing then.

An example organic veg box - a large I think. We have gone for small
Our excellent salesman in advertising mode
Next stop was drinks at Seven - a place that we both really like as it is relaxed, has the papers and sells good value food and drinks.....

My ale of choice
Jo had one of these followed by white wine

Our starter before heading home for fish pie
By now it was around 6pm so it was time to head back home for dinner. As I have said before, I never fail to be amazed at what Jo can rustle up give a couple of ingredients - when doing the food shopping I picked up some fish bits asuming that Jo would be able to make fish pie without checking with her that we had the right stuff in the house - I was right!!! - love the heart by the way. 

Veg to accompany the fish pie

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