Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wednesday - Spanish Chicken, Neep Mash with Corn on the Cob

We were spoilt rotten at Cattlegrid last night. The red wine flowed which led to us both having sore heads this morning. Too add to the woes, I was up with a 5.30am alarm as I was on the train to Manchester and Jo and I had a shouting match at 6.20am when she accused me of using her hairspray!! - I hadn't FYI!! Also, the train journey took almost 2 hours as there was a broken-down train - Yuck!!!

Anyway, back to the food. This was lunch for DLT in work - yummy....

A pastie, 3 packs of crisps & a radioactive drink
For dinner, Jo was determined to have something healthy after yesterdays indulgence......

Corn the cob
Neep mash
Spanish chicken

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