Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Monday - Hot, Sweet and Sour soup (by Jo Girl)

Joe and I seem to be making a habit of late nights at work these days, which is impacting on my cooking! Terrible!

So Monday this week was hot and sour soup, which is one of my favourite quickie meals - really good for you and pretty tasty!  I make mine with lots of ginger, chilli, tomatoes, turmeric and tamarind.  This one had some pineapple thrown in as well for a bit of a change, as well as prawns, chicken and some egg to thicken.  All good stuff.........

Because all of that sounds a bit too healthy, we also had some prawn crackers on the side!  We also made the most of having some World Foods dipping sauce on the side, which was very nice (website here).  We used it for a stir fry recently, but I much preferred it as a dipping sauce  - very tasty!

The soup
And some cheeky prawn crackers!  Always some naughtiness....
We also had a bit of the World Foods sauce on the side, which I much prefer as a dipping sauce

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