Monday, 24 October 2011

Sundays Buffalo Shin Stew with Herb Dumplings - By Joe!

I am happy to admit that I love our slow cooker. It was a Christmas gift from Hunter Pig a good few years ago now, and it is my joint favorite cooking kit alongside my coffee grinder which is this one.

Is is so simple to use and 99% of the time always comes up trumps - ours is a CrockPot but other varieties are available!

The plan on Saturday was to get some ox-tail from Kirkgate Market, but when we spotted the Water Buffalo shin on sale at the Corn Exchange Cornucopia event we had a change of heart! The recipe is based on one the first meals I cooked for Jo in the first of our six years together that was courtesy of Jamie Oliver.

I also managed to cobble togther some herb dumplings that turned out better than I though...all in I am not embarrassed to say it was a triumph!

A stewy close-up
My plate
As I am a lazy so and so, I am not going to put a recipe on unless people really want it, so let me know if you want it to go up......@foodandbiscuits x

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