Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturday & Sunday @ Cornucopia

On Saturday afternoon we headed to a Cornucopia event at the Corn Exchange in Leeds which took place over the weekend to show case some of the ace food and drink produced in our region. It goes without saying that we heartily support this sort of thing and we were were delighted to be able to go to a breakfast on the Sunday morning which gave us a. an opportunity to meet the producers before the day got going, and b. lots of treats!!! (I recorded the rugby and was able to avoid hearing the score....unlucky Frenchies - you gave it an almighty shot!). 

Some that we chatted to include Lottie Shaws Yorkshire Parkin, Everything Goes With Toast, Thistlemist Farm, Swillington Farm, Pudsey Jams, The Blessed Olive, The Yummy Yank, Snowden Hill, Gormet Kitchenware, Lauden Chocolate, Casa Espresso, Fayre by Alley, The Sunshine Bakery and the Chilli Jam Man....they all work very hard to produce great stuff so deserve support! (click the names to go to the websites)

I mentioned to some that I am planning a session of questions and answers (maybe via twitter or email - not sure yet) so if you would like to get involved then let me know - some of the above have said it is a good idea and I'll be in touch soon!

Bought for tonight's stew
The breakfast spread
By Fayre by Alley
Smoothie from Primos
The spread x 2
We shared this. 10/10 for the brownie from the Yummy Yank
Buffalo sausages with Pudsey Ketchup & Chilli Sauce

Savory delights from The Sunshine Bakery
Chocolate by Lauden Chocolate


EviesGran said...

We bought the shin of buffalo too for the slow cooker. Had some before. Really nice.

EviesGran said...

Also bought free range eggs from @MaggyAnne 's stall. Had one boiled for breakfast and it was so nice that I wished I had boiled 2!!

Alley Oman said...

Thanks so much for posting the pictures of my Nanaimo bars! And glad you enjoyed the event!