Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wednesday & Thursday - with Joe moaning!!

For those who read this blog, you may know I get irrationally annoyed at 2 things.....

1. Finishing work late and then waiting for Jo to finish work even later!

2. Thinking (from my absolutely unimaginative point of view) that there is no food in the fridge and the only option is to eat out; otherwise I will starve!

The foul (but short lived) mood is usually when both these things are combined!....I rant and rave (sometimes with a little justification) but Jo knows that it is superficial and short lived and it leaves almost as quickly as it arrived....

Today we headed to work at 6.30am (me a finance recruiter to a networking event) and Jo (a trainee solicitor with a lot of work on her plate) and we got home together a 7.30pm - a long day! - luckily, as far as work goes, we enjoy what we do - most of the time anyway!

Tomorrow we are off to Jo's home town of Edinburgh and it will be great! Family to hang out with, lots of good food and relaxation. Jo is wedding dress shopping with her Mum so I get a free pass to go crazy in Edinburgh - woohooo!! At 32 and engaged to be married, my rock n roll plan is to grab a coffee and read the papers at Stag Espresso (on recommendation from Alex at La Bottega Milanese) followed by wandering about the place. We are also taking in a ghost tour which will be good craic.

Back to the food. I was home alone yesterday and this is what I knocked together. FISH FINGERS, BEANS AND TOAST;

Today Jo made a slightly better job of things with CHICKEN IN A RED WINE SAUCE, WITH BLACK PUDDING, EGG AND VEG.....

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