Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturday - Coffee, Candles & Great Lunch

We were both up at out before 10am, with Jo and Sheila Mum browsing for wedding dresses and me exploring Edinburgh for a few hours before joining everyone for lunch at L'Escargot Bleu.

My first stop (as recommend by La Bottega Milanese) was Stag Espresso which is a cool little coffee place run by Richard in the old part of the city where I grabbed a flat white. As the papers hadn't arrived yet, he lent me his Ipad to browse the Guardian - very generous!

Stag Espresso - definitely worth a visit
On leaving Stag, I headed through the Grass Market to the Edinburgh Farmers Market which takes place every Saturday morning. En-route I passed the Last Drop Pub which is immediately next to the scene of public hangings which took place there back in the 18th century! - Edinburgh is jam packed with these little pieces of history. 
A grizzly history
Next up was the farmers market. As I wasn't in buying mode I didn't stay too long but I would recommend a trip. Its a good size with an excellent variety of local produce.
No where near as good as mine!
A few years ago now, Jo and I were in Paris visiting my family there. We went sightseeing with Sister Sally that took us up to Sacre Coeur which is beautiful; there she lit a candle for our Dad who passed away in 2006. Although Sally isn't religious (or me for that matter) she explained that she lit a candle for him whenever the opportunity arose 'just in case'.....Jo and I have been lighting candles ever since, with mine for Dad and Jo for her Grandad. On Saturday I stumbled across St Cuthbert's Church at the foot of the castle - the candle second from the right is Dads.

The candle - second from right
After some more strolling, lunch was soon upon us. I'll leave Jo to do the review but I will say we had a great time. Food pictures to follow but here are some of my snaps of the diners using Instagram on my Iphone;  
 Auntie Jo
Tom and Dad Michael
Grandpa Dave
Granny Sheila
Mum Kirstin
Uncle Joe
At lunch we had the full 3 courses and were stuffed! Jo and I can be a little lame sometimes and decided on staying in rather than going on the ghost tour.....rubbish by we were sleepy!!

I spent the early evening doing my Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, which was a success I think!
Jack Skellington
We then headed to Mike and Kirstins for drinks, nibbles and the Sainsbury's party range!

A selection of treats

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