Saturday, 5 November 2011

Friday night - Pizza and Hangovers!

I have woken up with a hangover, which I am a little annoyed at myself about! A good friend is visiting us who is rightly expecting us to show him a good time and I am not quite on tip top form! - it's nothing that I won't shake off with a bit of tlc but I shouldn't have had the 2 bottles of bud, 2 pints of heineken, a bottle of cava shared with Jo (see below), another pint of peroni before ploughing into a bottle of white after we came back from the fireworks at Roundhay Park! And at my age (32) I can't take the pace anyone!!

We will be heading into Leeds for some afternoon drinks in the next few hours.........

 For dinner we shared a very nice pizza, that I think was from the Co-op with a salad and pizza express dressing which is my favourite!

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