Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Monday - Thai Erawan!! Very Tasty Monday Treats

So it was Joe's turn to go shopping this week, and after a weekend away in Edinburgh he had let his chores slip.  Add this to Joe working in Manchester and me working late, instead of swinging by a shop to buy some food, he decided the best plan was to have a Monday night takeaway.  Very decadent!

We haven't had Thai for a while, so opted for an old favourite, Thai Erawan.  Unfortunately Joe cannot remember what he ordered so we can't tell you what these dishes are, but believe us when we say that they were very nice! (He is trying to come up with some excuse about trying to order food on his mobile while looking at the internet at the same time - what a poor defence!) 

Miscellaneous beef stir fried dish - this is something with lots of chilli and garlic and was very nice!
Stir fried chicken, also with chilli (do you sense a theme?!)
And a Monday night dinner complete...!
Joe's food.  Since we cannot tell you what it is, you should pop along to Thai Erawan and sample the menu for yourselves.

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