Friday, 11 November 2011

A Lazy Friday Night

So Joe is out on the town with his old school already appearing on instagram and I'm expecting him to do an update post tomorrow!

I got back from another day in Manchester in good time today - off the train at 6.40 and home by 7.20.  Not so shabby!  On route I stopped off at Marks and Spencer for a lazy Friday night dinner.  I opted for a curry and some onion and sweet potato bhajis, not the most inspired choice but I wasn't in the frame of mind for deliberation!  I did at least spruce up the curry a bit with some spiced veg and rice.  And to round of my rock and roll Friday night in on my own, I think I'm going to grab a glass of wine and watch a rom com.  Rock on......

Sweet potato and onion bhajis
The spruced up chicken jalfrezi

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