Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tuesday night experiments!

When I don't have enough time to cook I get a bit stressed.  For some reason, cooking is one of the few things that really relaxes me after work, so I get huffy when things get in my way!  After having to ask Joe to make dinner last night, I didn't care that we didn't leave until after seven - I was cooking!

Today was also experiment time - a veg box from Riverford last weekend means we have lots of food in the fridge so it's a perfect time to try something different!  Tonight was potato cakes with a poached egg and tomato and chorizo sauce.  It took quite a lot of simultaneous activity but ended up pretty good!

Four pans on the go - just before the eggs went in!
And the finished product...poached eggs on potato cakes with a tomato and chorizo sauce
Oh and also an excellent wine delivery.  Fifteen bottles just before Christmas.  Awesome.

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