Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday Night - Abandoned and Late!

At the grand old age of 32, Joe has started to embrace nostalgia and the past, and tomorrow is attending his school's "Old Boys' Reunion".  I am fairly convinced this is just an excuse for Joe, Frenchie Dog Eyes, Josh etc.  to drink a lot (when I say fairly convinced, I mean I know this for a fact) but fair play to them for trying to put a grown up name on it.

So this means until he rolls home on Saturday afternoon with the hangover from hell, I am Joe-less for a couple of days.  Add to this working in Manchester and I'm feeling a little out of sorts (especially since my bloody train was late! Bastard Northern Rail!)

So having returned home at ten to nine tonight, it was a quick dinner of black pudding, halloumi and grilled vegetables.  A little eclectic, and for some reason I used the world's hottest chilli (not really, I'm being pathetic today).  Anyway I was quite a pleased with it - give black pudding and halloumi a try!

Black pudding and halloumi hot salad

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