Sunday, 4 December 2011

Saturday Crispy Pheasant

So as regular readers of our blog may have realised, after a night out I generally suffer fairly badly the next day.  Well, even though I thought I hadn't drunk that much on Friday, I was still definitely feeling it on Saturday morning!  Definitely getting old now....

The good thing is, I now know how to get over my hangovers - more sleep, tea, and spicy food.  So cue a proper fusion evening - because Saturday was also designated pheasant eating night!  I did some research, found out that there were some Asian pheasant recipes out there, so decided on crispy pheasant with plum sauce.  Being slightly dubious of our pheasant butchering skills, I brined the bird in salt and sugar water, citrus fruits and spices, before roasting it.  The end result was pretty good - moist breasts, fairly crispy skin, served up with pancakes, homemade plum sauce, duck spring rolls (bought in case the pheasant didn't work - and we ate them anyway!) and a super spicy cucumber and cashew salad.  All in, I was pleased!

Crispy pheasant
Home made plum sauce
Shredded pheasant
Spicy cucumber and cashew salad
Duck pancakes - naughty!
Joe's rolled pancakes - not so spectacular!

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