Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesday Back to Reality (Jo Girl)

So unfortunately my celebrations of my debating triumph (promise that is the last mention!) were short lived - I was back in Manchester today which meant an early start!  I can definitely tell that Winter is coming fast - gutted - I was hoping the snow would hold off at least until after Christmas!  It was cold and damp in Manchester (although I was not battered by hailstones, unlike yesterday!).  We could also see snow falling on the moors from our court which is definitely a sign that the Indian Summer is over!

Anyways, late nights as always mean quick dinners and tonight was no exception!  A hastily put together prawn and cashew stir fry, with Japanese soba noodles and organic veg.  I love stir fries because they are so healthy and you can put in so many flavours: cashews and prawns are definitely a winner for me!  Heated with a little chilli and ginger, it was yummy!

The stir fry
And again - a close up!

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