Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday Home Alone - and a Special Mention

So tonight it's Joe's turn to go out boozing with his work mates, while I'm at home.  Last update was that they're in the Elbow Rooms eating terrible food and Joe winning at pool - will see if that lasts! No dancing in the kitchen to smooth xmas for me, I've made dinner and now I'm watching last night's Don't Tell the Bride - awesome!  For anyone who doesn't watch Don't Tell the Bride, you are definitely missing out.  It is the best car crach TV, and for a bride to be, a check list of exactly how not to organise a wedding.

Before I get on to tonight's dinner, I must just do a little tribute to my food from yesterday.  I know Joe has done a Wednesday post (pasta with curry sauce and sausage...gross!), but last night I was at my trainee Christmas party and the food was great.  We went old school and had drinks and food at Michael and Kim's flat - they were awesome hosts and treated us all to roast pork sandwiches, complete with crackling, stuffing and apple or cranberry sauce.  Massive thanks - had a great night and definitely in the Christmas mood now!!

Roast pork sandwich with top notch crackling and cranberry.  Yum
And this is the trainees (minus Kai) at our winter ball last month, from left: Michael W, Kim (host 1), Jenny, me, David and Michael D (host 2)
But back to tonight.  I'm trying to be good, to prevent the pre-xmas pounds, and so no wine (promised I'd pick Joe up anyway!) and lots of vegetables.  I went for poached chicken with carrots and cabbage, with rice, which sounds so boring but it was actually pretty nice!  Definitely not an ultra exciting dinner (maybe I'll try sausage and curry next time...) but it did the trick.  Will have something more fun tomorrow!
Chicken and veg with rice...yawn

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