Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wednesday - Pasta with Curry Sauce and a Sausage....EH!?

I have a spare half an hour while the scotch eggs are in the freezer (don't ask....or you can if you want!) so I thought I'd do my blogging duties with Jo out on a trainee lawyer do - she has asked me to pick her up and has promised that she won't be too late....we will see!

Being in a sales job, it's a little tough keeping the motivation up to pick up the phone in the week or so up to Christmas so I left on time (6pm) which doesn't happen too often. After getting changed into the trackies it was straight to the kitchen where I danced around to the Smooth Radio Christmas channel, before flipping to hits of the 70's.....a little sad I know but I'd much rather that than listen to some of the shit the kids like now-days!!

It wasn't all dancing! I finished off a booze delight for a couple of our hampers, made dinner (more on that below) and also put into action Operation Scotch Egg which I am making for our work Christmas lunch....I have done them before and have tweaked the recipe a little so more on them tomorrow.

Dinner was a bit weird but tasted good! I remembered that Jo had put some left over sauce in a box in the fridge from Sunday which I though would be ok with pasta. It turned out to be a curry sauce that I had with the pasta and a chopped up sausage that was left over from the Scotch Eggs - you see, sounds weird but I had 2 helpings so I can't complain!!!

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Anonymous said...

I think the "booze delight" you enjoyed might have added to you enjoying that dinner so much. And then you drove to pick up Jo? Or shouldn't I ask that either? ;)