Sunday, 26 February 2012

Friday in Liverpool

We always knew this day would come.  This is the sad day that Joe and I both failed to do any food pictures.  I know, we've let you down, and worse, we've let ourselves down too.

But let's not be too down heartened as we do have a good excuse for our failure.  Friday night was more about the drinks than the dinner.

On Friday Joe and I took a little trip along the M62 to the Wirral.  The main point of our visit was that our friends, Laura and Chris, have recently had a baby girl called Grace, and Friday night was Grace's head wetting drinks for the boys.  Joe went for a boys' night in the Black Horse in Heswall, dinner being usurped by a succession of pints of San Miguel.  You can't blame him really.

I was also out on the tiles, accompanying the lovely Stephie and Shereef to see Mr Scruff at The Magnet in Liverpool (I am so down with the kids!).  The Magnet is a super cool bar and club in the Cultural Quarter, around the corner from the Philharmonic pub.  It was established in 1958 and has seen the Beatles passing through, as well as the first gig of Freddie Mercury and Brian May in their pre-Queen days.  To me, that's pretty awesome.  The bar is 1950's diner inspired, with a great range of spirits and beers.  If you head downstairs, you are into the cave-esque club which, on Friday, was full of an eclectic range of people drinking and dancing to Mr Scruff's beats.  All in, it was a great night, and I'm sure you now understand why we might have failed on the food front....

Me and Stephie at the Magnet

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