Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunday Dim Sum

On Sunday we made a flying visit to the Hoylake food fair, held in the community hall.  It's only two minutes from Joe's mum's flat and was quite an exceptional food emporium.  There were around 50 suppliers with a huge variety of treats and demonstrations, from the usual cupcakes and chutneys, to paella, to giant meringues, pies and pastries.  I think we really are blessed in Leeds with an abundance of food events, but it was refreshing to meet some new suppliers and see a few new things.

Joe was particularly excited about Adams and Russell, purveyors of fine tea and coffee.  They are the only coffee roasters on the Wirral, based in Birkenhead, and had a huge variety of coffees and some tasty looking teas.  We picked up some Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, Assam and Jasmine tea, which should keep us going for a while!  The teas will also particularly suit our bargain tea cups, a fantastic find at the Age UK charity shop in West Kirby.  Vintage coolness.

Joe's mum also treated us some pear and ginger chutney, flap jacks, and treat upon treat, home made dim sum!  That's the first time I've seen that on sale at a food fair.

So we meandered home to Leeds, stocked up with treats, and set in for an afternoon of football and dim sum.  As well as steamed sui mai and shrimp dumplings, we had a prawn and vegetable soup with wantons.  They were superb tasty treats and the perfect accompaniment to a victorious afternoon.

Our tasty treats from the food fair
New tea cups!
Sui mai and shrimp dumplings
Prawn soup with wantons

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