Sunday, 11 March 2012

Friday dim sum

I love Fridays.  The end of the week, no work for two days, and an evening to have a bit of a blow out and celebration.

This Friday, my celebration was the visit of the lovely Zanna, long time friend and bridesmaid to be, who was coming up for a general visit and do some wedding planning.   We needed a good catch up and the perfect location was some pre-dinner drinks at the Roundhay Fox.  We supped some white wine and then when the time was right, dispatched Joe to go home and rustle up some M&S dim sum and prawns with broccoli and cashew nuts.  What a star.

It was rather lovely to arrive back at the house to find dim sum steaming, broccoli stir frying, more wine in the cooler and candles lit.  Dinner was also exactly what we needed, even if Joe did try to melt my face with some very spicy chilli!

M&S dim sum - a not too shabby alternative to making your own (and much less hassle)
Prawns with broccoli and cashews (and super spicy chilli!)

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