Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sunday - I ran 20 miles then went carb crazy!!

It is now Tuesday and my thighs are still in some pain from running the Spen 20 on Sunday morning. It was a 20 mile run around the West Yorkshire Hills and I managed to get around in an okay time of 2hrs 54mins (tbc)......I'll be honest, I was pretty sceptical that I would make it in one piece if at all - the furthest I had run before Sunday was 15 miles when my knee hurt enough to pay to see a physio and that was 3 weeks ago! Having not run since I couldn't get out of my head that 20 miles/ 3 hours constant running is a pretty long way.....but, I did it!

I am supposed to be doing the Hull 20 this Sunday, and the thought of that was a non starter yesterday. I have a feeling I may be there at the starting line now though! - bonkers.

My Saturday night pre run carbs

Jo's drunken good luck message

Me before the race
Post run carb fest - chicken fried rice, chips and prawn crackers

Jo's slightly more healthy effort

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