Sunday, 11 March 2012

Thursday - rushed roast chicken

The super exciting activities this weekend revolved around my beautiful friend and bridesmaid, Zanna, coming to stay.  I'm sure other people will sympathise with me when I say that I absolutely love having guests, but the night before they arrive I do slightly lose the plot in terms of cleaning, washing, and general prep.

The plan on Thursday had been to go into work super early (7.30am - definitely too early), work super hard and then leave with enough time to get a lot done in the evening, including food shopping, cleaning and cooking.  Best laid plans, hey?

Suffice to say, the leaving early did not really happen, so those plans went out the window.  We raced home late, slammed chicken, vegetables and potatoes in the oven, and manically cleaned  as much as we could get too.  What a super Thursday!  And the dinner outcome was as seen below: roasted chicken thighs with vegetables in a tomato sauce, topped with chicken wedges.  Not too shabby though.

Roasted chicken in the pan
Roasted chicken thighs with vegetables on a bed of watercress

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