Sunday, 1 April 2012

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Round-up

For some reason (possibly distracted by the brilliant weather) we have been neglecting the blog. So as I write this quick round up of Wednesday to Friday, Jo is busying herself with our fun-packed Saturday which includes Deli Markets, Vindaloos and beer.

In continuation of our healthy eating, Wednesday's dinner was pan fried turkey breast with a zingy carrot and sultana salad that went perfectly with the balmy evening that we had in Leeds.

Carrot and Sultana Salad
My plate including turkey and brown rice
On Thursday Jo made our first ever non meat stew - a non meat stew you say!? CRAZY! It was really good and I didn't miss the meat at all as the mushrooms gave a hearty meaty punch! We will definitely be having this again.
Mushroom Stew and Cous Cous
I am running a marathon in 2 months and I am scared! I am desperately trying to get my mileage up so I took an afternoon half days annual leave on Friday and jumped on the train to Crossflatts, which is the station past Bingley. The run I attempted was 17 miles down the canal back to Leeds which was okay for the first 13 or so and then I began to struggle as my recurring injuries of a stiff left knee and sore left groin kicked in....unfortunately I had to walk the last 2 miles as I was in disappointing agony! If I make it round 26.2 miles in my target time of under 4 hours then it will be a miracle (well not quite but it will be bloody hard work!)

If you want to support my marathon attempt and Breast Cancer Care, then you can sponsor me here. Trust me, the more motivation I can get the better!!
A marker along the canal
PS. I am in a mutual sponsorship deal with James Macsween of Macsween Haggis fame - the guardians of Scotland's national dish! So if you are feeling generous and would like to sponsor him too then his page is here.

My reward for the aborted run was a spit roast chicken from M&S with chips and garlic bread - Jo was out on the sauce, so there was not a vegetable in sight - Boom! Jo came home a little worse for wear and she was delighted that there was still half a chicken left which she demolished! Good work (she also added some green stuff and didn't have chips - fanny).
My plate
Jo's plate

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