Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday - Throw together dinners

Tonight was a late one home for both of us. In a fit of idiocy I entered into the Bradford Half Marathon on 2nd October, and it dawned on me that it is pretty much only 2 months away and 13 miles is quite a long way to run!! I run a 2/3 times a week (8 miles today) and from the little I know I need to eat protein after runs which I have started to do from today in an attempt to get round in a semi decent time.

As we are off to Paris for a few days from Wednesday, we are eating what is left in the house hence the random food! So.....
Jo had this very colourful Yorkshire Provender beetroot soup
My starter - 2 spoons of peanut butter
Main course chicken pitta with yoghurt & lettuce
Dessert - 3 ritz crackers, chutney & cheese

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