Thursday, 28 July 2011

Paris Part 2

I was hoping to get up for a quick run around the park, but that didn't happen! We rolled out of bed at 9ish with a plan of a few hours in Paris, then back to Bourg la Reine to meet Frenchie Dog Eyes and Sam... We made our way to the massive market in Bastille which was full of fruit and veg, fish, meats and cheese sellers, and bought some tasty lamb koftas from a friendly stall holder.  Then we had a stroll back along the Seine - the sun came out on the way which Jo was very pleased about - she has been checking the Paris weather forecast everyday for the past month!! We made a small detour via the Paris plage - a man-made beach that pops up every summer on the bank of the Seine.  It's a free for all to use the sun loungers and had a brilliant ice cream seller (3 euros for more icecream than you can shake a stick at!) This evening we are heading out for dinner and drinks around Saint-Germain-des-PrĂ©s and the Latin Quarter- good times. 

Mmm...fois gras...this man sold the most amazing gascogne treats

The Bastille
Canard avec tete

 The pictures below are our on-the-go lunch - freshly made lamb koftas, salad in a flat bread

James Hunter
The Paris plage, avec une grande glace

Frenchie Dog Eyes

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