Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tuesday Night - another late night but holidays tomorrow!

Tonight I did my first 12 hours in the office without a break in a while...it was quite a day but getting me through it was JOE AND I ARE GOING ON HOLIDAY TOMORROW!!

We are off to the gastronomic capital of the world - gay pareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Joe's dear sister Sally lives in Paris so we are going to stay in her house for a few days, and make the most of fabulous french boulangerie, boucherie and patisserie.  It is a well deserved break and we will make sure we come back with some great stories (although I am hoping not to have any complaints and/or fights in French restaurants - Parisiennes scare me quite a lot and I'm not sure my French is up to it in any event).

Also, as a bonus (although I am sure that by saying this I will cause an inadvertant monsoon in Paris), the forecast is good and we will have 25 degrees and a big sun on Friday! Woop!
Paris weather forecast - it will rain now I've posted this!
Anyways, back to today.  As we are off on holiday, today's dinner was an eclectic mix of food left in the fridge.  We were treated to sweet potato and onion bhajis followed by Italian sausage stew...an interesting combo.  Since I made it, I'm going to say it was lovely...I'll leave Joe to disagree!

sweet potato bhajis - Waitrose finest
Italian sausage stew/bake thing...have sympathy it was a long day!
Anyways, a bientot mes amies! Grosses bises! xx

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