Friday, 29 July 2011

Paris Part 3

Last night, after a few drinks in the gorgeous evening sunshine, we headed into Paris.  Sam and I made the most of holiday weather to get dressed up (a move we later regretted given how much walking we did...I will not mention that Joe got us lost on the way to the wrong metro station, making us walk an extra 30 minutes!)   
The girls
The boys

We made the most of some happy hour cocktails near Chatelet des Halles and then sauntered to our first major destination - the super fancy Cafe de la Paix in Opera (for more info, see here).  It is a 150 year old institution, and pure indulgence.  The decor is opulent - gold leaf, chandeliers, plush sofas.  Cocktails set you back circa 20 euros each, but you are paying for the surrounding.  It's a brilliant place for a drink, but don't expect your barman to understand "mojito" or "pina colada" (nice manly choices there, boys).  Special mention to Sam who ordered a frozen strawberry daquiri, and then wasn't impressed when it was too cold.....

Happy hour - beer & cocktails 5 euros!

Fancy cafe de la paix
a cold frozen daquiri - who knew!
Nice, simple champagne pour moi!
butch choices for the boys - french mojito and a pina colada
Joe and I finishing Sam's frozen drink
We were meant to be going for dinner to a restaurant called La Ferrandaise in St Germain de Pres, but after all the cocktails we were running a little late!  Not far from the Cafe de la Paix there is a restaurant called Bistrot Victoires.  In this part of Paris, where you are heading towards the designer shops and designer price tags, its great to find an authentic Parisienne bistro serving really good food.  Down a little back street, Bistrot Victoires is rustic, hearty food, with mains all around 10.5 euros and desserts at 5.5euros. 
The wine is a little dodgy - but I can grow to love a chilled red which has given me a banging headache this morning (nothing to do with the cocktails or the pre-sortir drinks!).

But dinners of entrecote frites, poulet roti and confit du canard were all brilliant.
entrecote frites
confit du canard
Poulet roti

Desserts were even better, although most of us were too full to finish them (not Joe - who ate his own profiteroles, and then half of mine - good job he went for a run this morning!)
Gateaux du chocolat
Creme Brulee
This is Pied de Cochon where Joe and his friends went on a stag do a few years ago - speciality bits of pig - special mention to Shereef!

Off to Paris again today for some sight seeing... a bientot!xx 

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